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The cutting section prepares
materials for production,
ensuring accurate and efficient
cutting while maintaining
high-quality standards and safety.
Critical to our operations.


The finishing section ensures products
meet quality standards by
completing fina stages, including
dust removal, ironing, carton, and
poly processing. Essential to meeting international customer requirements.


BKL is committed to quality.
With a QC department and
experienced staff, products meet
high standards, maintaining
BKL's trustedreputation.


The sewing section
is responsible for assembling
and stitching components
into finished products, and
it employs a significant
workforce to operate multiple
lines and ensure product quality.

ABOUT Bengal Knittex

Bengal Knittex Ltd, Brand in A Trusted Brand in Apparel (Since 1993)

Bengal Knittex Ltd. is a primarily export-oriented knitwear manufacturer. Our main concern is delivering quality products while following a strict ethical and disciplinary code of conduct. We are capable of manufacturing casual as well as fashion wear based on single jersey, interlock, fleece, woven fabrics etc. We began our journey in 1993, and since then, it has consistently delivered and met the need for fashion in the European and American markets. BKL now has an annual revenue of $20.50 million USD.

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