HR, Admin & Compliance

Knittex is proud to have a highly efficient Human Resources department. Our policy of complete transparency is being applied to its full potential thanks to the HR department. Every situation and every complaint is given due attention.
Our Admin department works tirelessly to keep the organization running smoothly. Administrative duties are complex and multi-faceted. That’s why this department gives great attention to making sure decision-makers focus on value-added tasks.
Our Compliance Department is dedicated to providing workers with safe working conditions. This department oversees important issues like working hour policy, holiday compensation, sick leave, health and safety, equal pay, no child labour etc.
Information technology is becoming an inseparable part of the apparel industry. To evolve with the times, Knittex’s IT department focuses solely on acquiring and integrating cutting-edge technology.

For an expansive organization like Knittex, store management is crucial. Our Store department keeps track of and manages the storage of raw materials. Properly storing the materials is essential for an efficient production process.
Our maintenance department ensures the quality of every sewing machine in use. In order to have a working factory, sewing machines have to be fit for the job. This department works to ensure that.